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The Bateman Blog is related to http://www.trainwreckof78.ca website which is in memory of my father, Kenneth Scott Bateman, who died in 1978 when his CNR locomotive was pushed into the Skeena River by a slide in northern British Columbia near Terrace. There are multiple stories of my father, photos, news reports, contributions from other sources, and the history of the railroad in Canada and BC. There is also a forum and related links.


The Bateman Blog is about the Bateman family. ancestry, photos, events, and stories. The opportunity to contribute will be given to all family members and those who request to do so. This summer (July 3-5) there was a Bateman Family Reunion in Nanaimo, BC. While the turnout numbers were small, the hearts were big. Everyone was comfortable sharing their lives with others



Bateman Family Reunion 2015 – Nanaimo, BC – July 3-5

July 18/2015 – The Photo Gallery is now installed and working well. By July 26th I will have things fined tuned to allow you to upload/download photos and pages. I will be sending out passwords to those I know would like to participate and, to those who would like to contribute or collect information.

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Bateman family photos, events, and ancestry