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Beer does grow on trees

Andrea’s brother, Gordon, planted some empty Corona beer bottles nose down in our garden. We did not see them until after he left. Andrea asked him why he did that and he replied, ’cause I thought some beer trees might grow, I’ve been trying for years. Well this week he came down for a visit with his wife Colleen. The went for a walk out to the garden and this is what they saw.

corona_tree corona_tree_3

He enjoyed the harvest and the feeling he’d finally succeeded.

Twist and Shout: British Invasion – Chemainus Theatre Festival

A totally awesome play at Chemainus Theatre this summer. Andrea and I were there and is a play you want to see again. Many people came back two or more time. Great food in the Play Bill dining room too.

Twiist and Shout: British Invasion
Twiist and Shout: British Invasion

If you have a chance to visit Chemainus and take in a play, do it, you’ll be so happy that you did

Potatoes producing 15 pounds plus per plant

We have been working the soil in our garden for the last four years. It was heavy clay when we moved here but every year we have improved it with tilling in soil and components to improve it. We planted potatoes this year for the first time. Wow, they must love the soil since they are producing 15 pounds or more per plant. Lots of potatoes since we have about 20+ plants.

Over 15 pounds of red potatoes from one plant
Over 15 pounds of red potatoes from one plant

We now have a large amount of compost which will be added. Lets see what happens next year. We are ready now to plant some fall crops.